Plympton Gardeners Association

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The Association holds two shows every year, in April and August, which are both open to members and non members. Also the Association is represented at several additional events taking place in the Plympton area such as the Lamb Feast on Castle Green, the Ridgeway Fayre, Community Council events, the Stannator’s Investiture, quiz nights and other activities as and when they occur.





                            GARDENERS ASSOCIATION

                                          70th Annual Show

                          HAREWOOD HOUSE, PLYMPTON

                                   Saturday 17th August 2019

                           SHOW DOORS OPEN AT 1.30 PM

                            OFFICIAL OPENING at 1.40 pm.

                             PLYMPTON STANNATOR
                                           Fiona Smith



Sale of plants & quality second hand goods, various competitions & refreshments

Admission £1.00

ENQUIRIES : Show Secretary - Mr. Paul Hutchings Tel: 519504

Mr. Robert Shaw Norman Lewis
Dr. Keith Clapton

Chairman: Mr. John Gilding
Secretary: Mrs. Carol Penhallurick
Treasurer: Mrs. Bernice Lewin

Mr. Paul Hutchings,
Mr. Bob Shaw, Mrs. Carol Penhallurick,
Mr. Phil Warren, Mrs. Ann Parkinson,
Mrs. Chris Bishop, Fiona Smith, Lynne Langridge
Mr. Dave Wickstead, Mr. John Prout, Mrs. Sally Luscombe

Mr Phil Warren


To assist and instruct its members in attaining the highest standards in all aspects of gardening.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30 pm in the HAREWOOD HOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE, Plympton


The Association is currently affiliated to the National Vegetable Society, National Dahlia Society, Daffodil Society and the Royal Horticultural Society

Money raised at the show, once costs are covered, goes to support our chosen charity which this year is the Children’s Happy Hospital at Derriford Hospital. Our sponsors and advertisers help keep our cost to a mininmum.

Plympton Gardeners Association is proud to support the Children’s Happy Hospital and we thank you for your support

NATIONAL AWARDS: The following certificates and medals may be awarded at the discretion of our judges.

Best exhibit in class 36 – 5 Globe Beetroot, stalks trimmed to 75mm

Best exhibit in classes 1 – 46 inclusive

Best exhibit in classes 95 to 109 inclusive

Second best exhibit in classes 95 to 109 inclusive

The most place points awarded in classes 1 to 109 (excluding Best Tray and Best Vase classes). The winners from Years 2017 and 2018 (Phil Gilbury & Arthur Hext) are not eligible for this years award.

Classes 49 and 90 in each Class :-

1st - ₤15 + Prize Card 2nd - ₤10 + Prize Card 3rd - ₤5 + Prize card

POINTS - throughout schedule unless otherwise stated will be :-
First - 4 Second - 3 Third - 2 Highly Commended - 1


Runner Beans 18 Broccoli 15 Cauliflower 20
Dwarf Beans 15 Celery trench 20 Cucumber indoor 18
Leeks 20 Celery other 18 Cucumber outdoor 15
Parsnips 20 Lettuce 15 Cabbage 15
Potatoes 20 Peas 20 Carrots long 20
Turnips 15 Tomatoes small 12 Carrots other 18
Tomatoes large 15 Tomatoes med. 18 Onions 250gm
Sweetcorn 18 or under 15
Beetroot globe 15 Beetroot long 20 Onions over 250gm 20

PRIZE MONEY For classes 1-178 only, but excluding classes 49, & 90 there will be an award of 50p for 1st prize only.

Prize money for the Junior section classes is awarded as 1st 50p, 2nd 30p, and 3rd 20p. This excludes class 201 and the junior colouring competetion.


1. Make certain that you have the correct number of items, as shown in the schedule, that they are correctly classed, accompanied by the correct exhibitors slip.

2. Stage early, carefully and correctly.

3. A first consideration of Judges is equality of size and shape.

4. When removing root crops from the ground it is useful to place the selected roots in water, carefully removing all soil without blemishing the skin.

5. Do not handle exhibits more than is necessary as this may remove the bloom. (bloom shows freshness)

6. Please collect your entry slips from the Show Secretary before staging. Various methods may be used to keep exhibitor slip/details with the correct exhibit.

7. PLEASE leave the staging room clean and tidy when you have finished staging, and remove all of your staging equipment.

8. All food exhibits must be covered completely with cling film or be within a clear plastic bag.

9. Handicraft exhibits should be items that have not been exhibited previously at PGA Annual Shows. If an Item is changed or modified since being exhibited this should be brought to the attention of the show secretary.

10. Vegetable marrows must not exceed 38 cms in length. Round varieties 50 cms in circumference. (16cm D)

11. Space allocated in Floral Art classes must not be exceeded. Artificial plant material should not be used.

12. Onions should not be skinned and must be tied where stated, using raffia, un-died string or twine.

13. Fuchsias : Single - 4 petals, Double - more than 4 petals.

14. Tomatoes must have the calyces attached and should be to RHS
Large (beefsteak type) 75 mm diameter - minimum
Medium 60 mm diameter - approx
Small (cherry type) 35 mm diameter - or under

15. Pot plants must have been grown in the pots in which they are being exhibited, max pot size 10”

SHOW RULES (guided by the R.H.S Show Handbook)

1. The Judges decisions shall be final.

2. One entry only in each class unless otherwise stated

3. Exhibits must have been grown by or be the work of the exhibitor.

4. The Show Committee reserves the right to inspect gardens / allotments from which exhibits have been entered

5. Association vases and plates etc. are to be used in all classes, unless otherwise stated

6. Exhibits may be staged on the Friday (day prior to show) between 4.30 and 7.45pm. and on Saturday from 7.00 until 8.45 am. All staging of exhibits to be completed by 8.45 am. on Show Day when the hall will be cleared for judging to commence. Exhibits should not be removed from the show benches prior to completion of prize giving unless permission has been obtained from the Show Secretary

7. All entry forms must be in to the Show Secretary by 7.00 pm. on the Thursday prior to the Show.

8. Late entries may not be accepted. Corrections, alterations or additions to entries may not be made once they have been entered on to the show charts and totals taken unless approved by the Show Secretary and recorded as such.

9. The Association cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to any exhibit.

10. Trophies remain the property of the Association and must be returned to the Show Secretary cleaned and in good condition two weeks prior to the following years show. Any entrant winning a trophy must ensure the PGA has correct contact details before leaving the Annual Show.

11. Prizes may be witheld at the discretion of the judges

12.The Show will be conducted in accordance with The Royal Horticultural Society rules and other national bodies where applicable.

13. Prize money may be collected from the Treasurer between 3.20 and 3.30pm. Any prize money not collected will be deemed contributions to the PGA Annual Show funds.

14. Pot plants must have been grown in the pots in which they are being exhibited

15. All classes are open to members & non-members. Classes 1 to 178 are for exhibitors aged 17 & over. Classes 185 to 201 are for exhibitors aged 16 years and under.

16. Two or more persons may not compete separately, in the same class, with produce from the same garden/allotment.

17. The Judges decisions shall be final. Complaints may be made in writing to the Show Secretary by 3.30 pm. on the day of the Show with a £2.50 deposit, to be returned if the complaint is upheld.

18. The Show Committee will decide on any matter not provided for in the above rules.

VEGETABLES & FRUIT Judges: Mr. P. Baker & Mr. Joe Wallis
01 5 Potatoes, white, of any shape.
02 5 Potatoes, coloured, of any shape.
03 6 Runner Beans - stalks attached. (Trophy)
04 6 Dwarf Beans - stalks attached.
05 1 Longest Runner Bean.
06 6 Pods of Peas, stalk attached.
07 3 Onions, exhibition - over 250gm, trimmed and tied. (Trophy)
08 3 Onions - 250gm or less, trimmed and tied.
09 1 Heaviest Onion - shown as grown.
10 3 Turnips, tops trimmed to approx.75mm
11 9 Shallots,exhibition, tied.
12 12 Shallots pickling, tied. (able to pass through 30mm ring)
13 3 Capsicums – Sweet or Bell Peppers, any colour (not chilli peppers)
14 3 Carrots, long pointed cultivar, tops trimmed to approx 75mm.
15 3 Carrots, other than long pointed, tops trimmed to approx 75mm.
16 2 Sweetcorn.
17 3 Parsnips, tops trimmed to approx 75mm.
18 3 Beetroot, globe or cylindrical, tops trimmed to approx 75mm.
19 5 Tomatoes, ordinary cultivars. (60mm diameter - approx)
20 3 Tomatoes, large fruited “Beefsteak“ cultivars. (75mm diameter minimum)
21 9 Tomatoes, small fruited, “Cherry“ cultivars. (35mm diameter – or under)
22 7 Non-Red Tomatoes, cherry/plum cultivars (Not Green)
24 3 Leeks
25 8 Fronds of Parsley.
26 3 Stalks of Rhubarb, natural, leaf blades trimmed to 75mm.
27 A pair of Vegetable Marrows, max. 38 cm long or 50 cm round.
28 A pair of Cucumbers, grown under glass.
29 A pair of Courgettes.
30 4 or more different Culinary Herbs. (Not in flower – named)
31 A pair of vegetables not mentioned in the schedule.
32 Novelty class, the most unusual shaped vegetable.
34 A Collection of 4 different vegetables. (table width x 15”)
35 A Collection of 6 different kinds of vegetables, quantities as shown in above classes. (table width x 24”) Points; 1st/12 2nd/9 3rd/6 4th/3 (Trophy)
36 NVS Sponsored Plaque 5 Globe Beetroot, stalks trimmed to 75mm

40 5 Dessert Apples.
41 5 Culinary Apples.
42 1 Dish of 12 Blackberries, shown with stalks.
43 5 Pears.
44 1 Dish of 5 Stone Fruits, one cultivar. (Plum, Cherry, etc.)
45 1 Melon
46 1 Dish of 12 soft fruit (not blackberries) shown with stalks
47 Collection of Fruit - 5 apples or pears, with, 12 berries or 5 other stone fruits
49 BEST TRAY – see rules on page 10

PGA BEST TRAY Class 49 - Competition Rules
Prizes sponsored

1. The PGA Best Tray class is for a collection of three types of vegetables taken from the following list of eight. The quantity of each vegetable required for the collection is given in brackets: Carrots (3), Cauliflowers (2), Onions (3), Parsnips (3) Peas (6 pods), Potatoes (3), Runner beans (6 pods), Tomatoes (6). Each type of vegetable will be judged out of a total of 20 points. This is split into three sections as follows: 7 points for size, shape and colour; 7 points for condition; 6 points for uniformity. The overall mark will therefore be out of a total of 60.

2. All vegetables are to be displayed for effect. The vegetables must be displayed within an area measuring 45cm by table width (18” x table width), without bending any part of them. No part of any exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board measuring 45cm by 60cm (18” x 24 in) can be used to display the vegetables, or the area can simply be marked on the staging. Where a tray has a lip or edge, it is the internal measurements that must not exceed 45cm by 60cm (18” x 24 in).

3. A black cloth is permitted, and the tray may be painted black. Parsley is allowed for garnishing, but no other accessories, such as plates, sand, rings etc., will be allowed. Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia or string.

4. The winner will receive £15 voucher plus Prize Card. The runner up will receive £10 voucher plus Prize Card and Third place will receive £5 voucher plus Prize Card.

Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials. Failure to abide by any of these rules will lead to disqualification.


• Carrots and parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 7.5cm (3in).
• Peas and beans must be displayed with some stalk attached.
• Tomatoes must be displayed with calyces (the green flower bud case).
• Judges may handle exhibits, open pods etc. to check for quality.
• The tray, board or staging must not be cut or mutilated in any way at all – such as cutting holes for standing onions in.
• Judges should use their discretion when judging the Best Tray class, remembering that entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors.
• The points awarded should be clearly marked by the judges on the exhibitors’ cards.
• Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials.




Name ............................................................................. Age ............


................................................... Post Code ................. Tel :................

CLASSES ENTERED : One square per entry

Total entries ...............

Notes :

1. Completed entry forms to:

Mr. Paul Hutchings, 16 Longwood Close, Plympton. PL7 2HD

by not later than 7.00 pm on the Thursday before the Show.

2. No entry fees are required

3. Additional Judges prizes

4. Colour in the picture on the back of this form for the chance of a prize in the Junior Colouring Competition. Prizes: 1st - £5, 2nd - £3, 3rd - £1 (donated by David & Glenys Wickstead). To be eligible you must have an entry in the Show classes 189–204. Please return colouring entry with your entry.

(If there is a problem please call Paul on 01752 519504 or e-mail



Name ............................................................................. Tel ............


.................................................…………………. Post Code .................

PGA Member / Non - member (Please delete as applicable)

PGA membership No (if applicable)…………………………………………

CLASSES ENTERED One entry per square

Total Entries.................... Total amount entry fees .............................
( All classes 25p per entry to a maximum of £5 )

I wish to enter the classes shown above, subject to the rules of the Show Committee and agree that any of my exhibits remaining on the show benches after 4.00 pm may be sold for Plympton Gardeners Association Charity Funds.

All exhibits must have been grown, made, baked or produced since the last show (August 2017) – or not shown previously.

Note: An exhibitor is entitled to a free entry pass only if he/she enters 6 or more classes.

Please submit entry forms, completed and signed to:

Mr. Paul Hutchings, 16 Longwood Close, Plympton. PL7 2HD

by no later than 7.00 pm on the Thursday before the Show. A separate entry form is required for each exhibitor. Entry forms may not be accepted after the time stated.

Please make cheques payable to: Plympton Gardeners Association

(If there is a problem please call Paul on 01752 519504 or e-mail



The Plympton Gardeners Association award trophies and certificates to encourage novice exhibitors to show their entries at our Annual Show and they are available to be awarded each year.

A Novice Exhibitor is someone who has not won a Class Place Card (1st, 2nd or 3rd) at any previous Plympton Gardeners Association Show, in any Section, as an Adult exhibitor.

The trophies and certificates are awarded for the best exhibits by a novice exhibitor in all the sections of the show. These awards do not apply to the Junior Section. The Floral Art classes are deemed part of the Handicraft Section.

The exhibits of the novice exhibitor are staged as normal in any of the classes as shown in the schedule but will be assessed by the show secretary with the show stewards for these special awards after the initial judging is complete and place cards set out.

First time exhibitors at a Plympton Gardeners Show are invited to complete the declaration below to become eligible to compete for these awards.

I declare that I have never exhibited and won a place card (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in any section of any previous Plympton Gardeners Association Show (Annual Show or Spring Show).

Signed ...................................................................................................

GENERAL FLOWERS Judges : Len Woodward & Ricky Hoskins

50 1 vase Sweet Peas, mixed colours. 12 stems
51 1 vase Sweet Peas, one colour. 6 stems
52 1 vase Sweet Peas, mixed colours.(unlimited entry) 3 stems
53 1 vase Gladioli, large grandiflora, one colour. 3 stems
54 1 vase Gladioli, large grandiflora, mixed colours. 3 stems
55 1 vase Gladioli, miniature, any colour(s). 3 stems
57 1 vase Gladioli, any cultivar.(unlimited entry) 1 stem
58 1 vase Roses, large flowered, one colour. 3 blooms
59 1 vase Roses, large flowered, mixed colours. 3 blooms
60 1 vase Rose,large flowered, any colour.(unlimited entry) 1 bloom
61 1 vase Roses, cluster, any colour.(unlimited entry) 1 stem
62 1 vase Roses, cluster, mixed colours. 3 stems
63 1 vase Antirrhinums, any cultivar(s). 3 stems
64 1 vase Stocks, any cultivar(s). 3 stems
65 1 vase Asters, double, any colour(s). 3 stems
66 1 vase Asters, single, any colour(s). 3 stems
67 1 vase Border Carnations, any cultivar(s). 3 stems
68 1 vase Hydrangeas, any colour(s). 3 heads
69 1 vase Marigolds, any cultivar(s). 3 stems
70 1 vase Annuals, not listed above, one cultivar. 5 stems
71 1 vase Perennials, not listed above, one cultivar. 5 stems
72 6 Pansies on a board, 10" x 8".
73 6 Fuchsia heads, single, on a board, 10" x 8"
74 6 Fuchsia heads, double, on a board, 10" x 8"
75 3 vases, (A Collection) one cultivar in each vase, three different varieties. The quantities of stems required in each vase are as shown in classes above. Points : 1st - 12, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 6, 4th. – 3

POT PLANTS Judges: Mr. T. Reeves & Len Woodward

80 1 Foliage plant or Fern, maximum pot size 10"
81 1 Flowering plant, not in schedule, maximum pot size 10"
82 1 Fuchsia, bush or shrub, maximum pot size 10"
83 1 Fuchsia, any other form, maximum pot size 10"
84 1 Pelargonium/Geranium, maximum pot size 10"
85 1 Succulent, maximum pot size 10"
86 1 Cacti, maximum pot size 10"
87 1 Plant, maximum pot size 10" – Members only
88 1 Speciman Begonia, double, tuberous rooted, maximum pot size 10"
89 1 Free Standing container Max. size 3’ x 16”

90 Best Vase. See rules on page 16.

Please Note: The maximum size of pot is 10” (250mm) and the plant in the pot must not be more than 450 – 500mm diameter at any point. (This covers the number of exhibits for available space reasons)

PGA BEST VASE - Class 90 - Competition Rules
Prizes - Sponsored

1. The PGA Best Vase class is for a vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between 5 and 10 stems, taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants. Please note that it is two different kinds of plants, two varieties of the same plant are NOT two kinds.

2. The display will be judged out of a total of 35 points, split into: 25 points for the colour, form, condition, quality and freshness of the flowers on display, and 10 points for the overall presentation and effect of the flowers in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all directions. Judging of the flowers should be to the normal rules used for other classes.

3. Stems used in the display must be showing flowers only; no seed heads or berries will be allowed.

4. The vase can be any shape and size and made from any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself.

5. No accessories whatsoever such as bows and additional foliage will be allowed. Foliage which is growing naturally from the flowering stem, and still attached to that stem, is allowed. Packing material, including oasis, to keep the stems in place is allowed.

6. The winner will receive £15 voucher plus prize card. The runner up will receive £10 voucher plus prize card. Third place will receive £5 voucher plus prize card.

Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials. Failure to abide by any of these rules will lead to disqualification.


• Flowering stems can be taken from ANY flowering plant.
• The different kinds of plants need to be taken from different genera. For instance, pinks, carnations, and sweet william – which are all dianthus – would not be classed as different kinds.
• Only fresh, home-grown flowers can be used in the vase. No dried or silk flowers are allowed.
• A vase, by definition, is any vessel that can be used to hold cut flowers and which is taller than it is wide at its widest point.
• The PGA Best Vase class is open to anyone to enter and is not intended purely for growers who regularly display single species classes at shows.
• Judges should use their discretion when judging the Best Vase class, bearing in mind that entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors.
• Judges and exhibitors should note that the display has to be viewed all round.
• The points awarded should be clearly marked by the judges on the exhibitors’ cards.

DAHLIAS Judge : Mr T. Reeves

95 3 vases Giant or Large Decorative. 1 bloom per vase
96 1 vase Medium Decorative. 3 blooms
97 1 vase Small Decorative. 3 blooms
98 1 vase Miniature Decorative. 3 blooms
99 1 vase Collarette 3 blooms
100 1 vase Medium Cactus and/or semi-cactus 3 blooms
101 1 vase Small Cactus and/or Semi-Cactus. 3 blooms
102 1 vase Small Ball. 3 blooms
103 1 vase Miniature Ball 3 blooms
104 1 vase Pompon. 5 blooms
105 1 vase Any other variety. 3 blooms
106 1 vase Decorative -any size, unlimited entry 1 bloom
107 1 vase Cactus/Semi-cactus - any size, unlimited entry 1 bloom
108 1 vase Ball/Pompon - any size, unlimited entry 1 bloom
109 1 basket arranged for effect maximum 9 blooms

HANDICRAFTS (not previously exhibited) Judges : Mrs. A. Tremain & Mrs. A. Carne
115 One Miscellaneous exhibit - hand knitted
116 One Doll dressed - hand or machine stitched
117 One Needlework exhibit - hand
118 One Needlework exhibit - machine
119 One Soft Toy
120 One Embroidery exhibit - cross stitch - max. size 20” x 14”
121 One Embroidery exhibit - not cross stitch – max. size 20” x 14” (Trophy)
122 One Tapestry exhibit – max. size 20” x 14”
123 One Crochet exhibit (not to include knitting or other work)
124 One Quilting or Patchwork exhibit
125 One Painting - oil, acrilic or watercolour - max. 20" x 14" including frame.
126 A drawing in pencil or ink – max size A4
127* One Item - made this year - any material (not a kit)
128* One Model made from plans, scratch built (not a pieces kit).
129 A piece of sugar craft / paste. (not a cake)
130* One Card making exhibit
131* One Item of Decoupage
132* One Woodwork / Woodcraft exhibit

All Photograph may be mounted on card (max. size of photo 7” x 5”. Maximum with card mount 8” x 6”) To be attached to display board
134 Photography - “WEATHERED”
135 Photography - “CELEBRATION”
136 Photography – “DETAIL / MACRO”

137* Any other exhibit not mentioned above

*Note: Classes 127/128/130/131/132/137 - Please state size on entry form

FLORAL ART Judge : Mrs. Cynthia Veale

141 “Reflections” - An exhibit using Dried and Fresh material with Natural material and Accessories. Space 18"/45cm by 18”/45cm- ht unlimited

142 “Take Four Flowers” - An exhibit using Dried and Fresh material with natural accessories. 9”/23cm x 9”/23cm – ht unlimited

143 “Simplicity” - A miniature arrangement using dried or fresh plant material. No Accessories. Space 4"/10cm by 4”/10cm by 4”/10cm

DOMESTIC SCIENCE Judges : Mr M. Tinkler

All jars should be dated and exhibited with plain lids or waxed disc and cellophane.

In the interests of safety and hygiene exhibitors are asked to provide a CLINGFILM or clear plastic bag as covering for all entries in the cookery section.

Max. plate size for all cookery classes is 10”

150 One jar Jelly - home made since last years show
151 One jar Raspberry jam - home made since last years show
152 One jar Strawberry jam - home made since last years show
153 One jar Blackcurrant jam - home made since last years show
154 One jar Any Other jam - home made since last years show
155 One jar Fruit Curd – less than 4 weeks old, sealed with a wax disc and cellophane
156 One jar Marmalade - home made since last years show
157 One jar Pickle – home made at least 2 months old with vinegar-resistant twist lid
158 One jar Chutney - home made at least 2 months old with vinegar-resistant twist lid
161 Six Cheese Straws using home made shortcrust pastry
162 Four Cup Cakes - decorated
163 One Loaf of Bread (not machine made)
164 One Fruit Flan (Sponge type and labelled)
165 One Vegetable Cake (Labelled)
166 One Banana Cake (See recipe page 19)
167 One Classic Lemon Tart
168 Five Fruit Scones (Cutter 6cm)
169 Four Flapjacks
170 One Victoria Sandwich (3 eggs mix, raspberry jam & light dressing of castor sugar) 8” diameter max
171 Six Shortbread Fingers
172 One Fruit Cake (using the recipe on page 19)
173 One Apple Pie - pastry top and bottom
174 One Hot Water Crust Pastry Meat Pie
175 One Pasty - home made Maximum size to fit within a 10” plate
176 Six Sausage Rolls – shortcrust pastry
177 One Savoury Tart - quiche type (Labelled)
178 One Gardeners Lunch on a plate (as much homemade or homegrown produce as possible)

Recipe for: Fruit Cake (Class 172)

4oz (125g) margarine 6oz (175g) sugar – dark brown, light brown or white
12oz (300g) dried fruit 8 fl oz (225ml) water
1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 heaped teaspoon mixed spice (optional)
2 beaten eggs 4oz (125g) plain flour AND
4oz (125g) Self raising flour Pinch of salt

1. Oven gas 4, 180c or 160c fan
2. Place margarine, sugar, dried fruit, water, bicarbonate and mixed spice into a pan. Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 minute then leave to cool in a large bowl.
3. Line either a 7inch (18cm) square tin, or an 8inch (20cm) round tin or a loaf tin with baking or parchment or greased greaseproof paper.
4. Add eggs, flour and salt to cooled fruit mixture, mix well and pour into tin.
5. Bake for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, test with a skewer to check centre is cooked.

Recipe for: Banana Cake (class 166 )

175 gm. / 6 oz. Mixed Dried Fruit 225 gm. / 8 oz. Self-Raising Flour
450 gm. / 16 oz. Ripe Bananas, peeled Half tsp Salt
175 gm. / 6.oz. Caster Sugar Two Eggs
100gm / 4 oz Soft Margarine or Softened Butter


Pre-heat oven to gas mark 4 / 180C / 350F. Grease and/or line a 900 gm / 2lb loaf tin.
Put all ingredients except the dried fruit into your mixing bowl or food processor and mash thoroughly. The bananas should be chopped very finely through the mixture.
Add the dried fruit and stir thoroughly before pouring the mixture into the prepared tin.
Spread out evenly and bake in the oven for about one and a half hours.
Test with a skewer that should come out clean. You may need to cover the top for the last 15 minutes or so with a piece of foil or kitchen roll to make sure it doesn’t burn.
Allow the loaf to cool before removing from the tin.


COOKERY Judges: Mrs. Maria Romanski & Mr. Martin Tinkler

• This section is open to children between the ages of 11 and 16 only.
• Your children should be supervised whilst they prepare their entries.
• In the interests of safety and hygiene exhibitors are asked to provide a Clingfilm or clear plastic bag as covering for entries in this section.
• Max. plate size for all classes is 10”

185 Four Decorated Cup Cakes 186 One Victoria Sandwich (as Class 170)
187 Four Sausage Rolls (max 4”) 188 Any other Domestic Science exhibit

ART & CRAFT Judge : Mrs Maria Romanski
Age - 4 up to 6 years
189 A miniature garden - natural vegetation - in a standard seed tray (Trophy)
190 Decorate a pebble
191 An Arrangement of Flowers in a Jam Jar
192 An Animal made from vegetables/fruit (Trophy)

Age – From 7 up to 10 years
193 A Miniture Totem Pole
194 A piece of handicraft - A Toy (Trophy)
195 A drawing or painting – A Landscape

Age - 11 to 16 years
197 A Doorstop made using a brick – (decorated)
198 A piece of handicraft – A Head piece
199 Art from another Culture

Special Class, age 7 – up to 16 (Please display age)
201 Make a LIGHTHOUSE –made from a suitable medium, e.g. paper mache, cardboard, material. Max hieght 15” (Special Prizes 1st - £5.00, 2nd - £3.00, 3rd - £2.00)

Junior Photography – age 8 years to 16 years
(Same rules and requirements as Classes 134 – 136)
204 “PEOPLE”

1. No entry fees required for this section
2. Correct exhibitors age must be shown on entry form
3. Prize money may be given at the Show Secretary’s discretion

Don’t forget to colour in the back of your entry form for the chance to win a prize

FRIDAY STAGING: 4:30 to 7:45pm
(Close 8:00pm)


8.45 am Staging of exhibits completed

9.00 am Commence Judging

11.30 am Judging completed

Preview of exhibits by the Plympton Stanator

12.00 pm Lunch

1.30 pm Doors open to the public & Show officially opened by the Plympton Stanator

2.50 pm Prize money available for collection

3.15 pm Presentation of PGA Trophies and Awards
Followed by

4.00 pm Close Show and start clear-up

All exhibits that are NOT FOR SALE to be removed from the show benches

Show dismantled - equipment returned


MAJOR STUDHOLME CUP Most points in Show
MRS. CONGDON CUP Runner-up most points in Show
PLYMOUTH SOUND BOWL Most points in Vegetables - cls 1-35
PLYMOUTH GARDEN CENTRE CUP Best Vegetable exhibit - cls 1-34
KEN PARKES CUP Best Runner Bean exhibit – cl. 3
DOUGLAS BRADDON TROPHY Best Onion exhibit – cl. 7
DES SPEDDING MEM. CUP Best Potato exhibit - cls 1 & 2
C & B ALEXANDER TROPHY Most points in Flowers - cls 50 - 88
E.C.LEWIS CUP Best Flower exhibit - cls 63 – 71 & 75
G & D DAVIES CUP Best in Fuchsia Heads cls 73 - 74
MISS MORETON CUP Best Gladioli exhibit
F.N.WILLIS SP CUP Best Sweet Pea exhibit
PGA Best Vase (Bob’s Vase) Best exhibit – cl. 90
WILCE DAHLIA CUP Most points in Dahlias
BLAKIE CUP Best Dahlia exhibit
FRED CONIAM MEMORIAL TROPHY Best exhibit in Dahlia classes (members only)
CAPTAIN JOYCE CUP Best Floral Art exhibit
F.N. WILLIS FRUIT CUP Best Fruit exhibit
PGA FRUIT BOWL Most points in Fruit section
HARCOURT MUNNING CUP Most points in Domestic Science
GIDLEY CUP Best Handicraft exhibit
DOUGLAS TROPHY Most original Handicraft exhibit
IRIS MARY TROPHY Best exhibit in class 121
PGA Handicraft – Novice Certificate Best Handicraft exhibit by a Novice
CURTIS CHALLENGE CUP Best Free Standing Container
MEMORIAL TROPHY Best Pot Plant - Members only
FOURTE TROPHY Best Cookery exhibit, cls 159 - 177
SKIP ROLFE TROPHY Best Preserves exhibit, cls 150 - 158
JUNE SHAW MEMORIAL TROPHY Best Fruit Cake (members only) Cls 172
PGA Domestic Science – Novice Certificate BestDomestic Science exhibit by a novice
MR & MRS J. THOMAS TROPHY Best Tray exhibit - class 35
ANNE MARIE MEM TROPHY Best exhibit - classes 84/85/86
BARONESS VICKERS TROPHY Most points in Junior Section
GIDLEY TROPHY Best exhibit Junior Cookery Section
GILBERT CUP Most points in Juniors, 4 to 6 years
HARRIS SUMMER CUP Most points in Juniors, 7 to 10 years
REBECCA BEAZLEY CUP Most points in Juniors,11 to 16 years
DEWARS CUP Best exhibit - class 192
MURPHY CUP Best Miniature Garden exhibit
DOWN CUP Most original exhibit - class 194
DR C.D. THOMPSON TROPHY Best Vegetable exhibit - Novice
MRS. J.I. STOPPERTON TROPHY Best Flower exhibit - Novice
PHIL DAMP MEMORIAL TROPHY Best Flower exhibit in Show
C.T. TWITCHETT MEMORIAL CUP Best Vegetable & Fruit exhibit in Show

Please note that all trophies remain the property of the Plympton Gardeners Association and must be returned before next year’s Show.

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