Plympton Gardeners Association

                                                                                            August News

The Association will be holding their Annual Show on August 18th at Harewood House, Plympton.At their recent monthly meeting members were offered schedules and posters to advertise the event and they were also asked to donate cakes, plants, garden tools and bric a brac to be sold on the day.The speaker, Dennis Trewin, gave a talk on the Evolution of Plants. He used living specimens and illustrations to tell the story of how plants have developed from single cell algae, through colonies, liverwort type plants to ferns, conifers and the flowering plants that we enjoy in our gardens today. Dennis has had a range of experiences training and working in horticulture during his career & was able to share some of his knowledge & enthusiasm with PGA members.The monthly competitions were well supported, with Keith Clapton taking first place in both the fruit and veg. and flower competitions. Keith was awarded the prizes for 5 culinary apples and 3 ball dahlias. Sally Luscombe won the art & craft prize with a pencil drawing of Plym Bridge.The next meeting of the PGA will be on Thursday 6th September at 7:30pm at Harewood House, Plympton when Terry Underhill will be talking about Autumn Colour in the Garden.The members competition for the heaviest onion will also be judged that evening. New members are always welcome.

                                                                                               Jobs to do in August

Fruit and vegetables

Plant out strawberries.
3rd spray copper fungicide on all potatoes.
Prune out all fruited canes on raspberries.
Earth up leeks and celery.


Regularly deadhead plants such as dahlias &
penstemons to prolong their flowering.
Prune climbing and rambling roses that do not
repeat flower.
Propagate pinks and carnations by layering.
Feed containers with a liquid tomato feed once a
week to prolong flowering.

                                                                                               July News

Paul Hutchins took the chair at the July meeting of the Association and introduced the speaker, Jane Hollow. Jane's subject was all aspects of Roses and she illustrated her subject with fresh plant material. Jane talked about the history of roses and how breeders used different traits to develop the garden roses we know today She covered growth habits, pests and diseases and cultivation.
She made several recommendations for garden worthiness and suggested varieties that might be suitable for 'showing' in the month of August, when most horticultural shows take place.

Members were thanked for their help and support during 'coffee bar week' at Harewood House. They were reminded that schedules for the Annual Show are now available and that the Trading Hut in Stoggy Lane is now open only once a month, on the Sunday after the monthly meeting.

The monthly competitions were judged by Bob Shaw and the winners were:

Art & Craft, Freda Latter for a handmade greeting card
Needlecraft, Win Prout for a child's knitted jacket
Fruit & Vegetables, Sally Luscombe for 6 peas
Flowers, Keith Clapton for 5 'small ball' dahlias.

The next meeting of the PGA will be at Harewood House, Plympton on Thursday 2nd August, when Dennis Trewin will be talking about Plant Evolution. 

                                                                                                  Jobs to do in July

Fruit and vegetables

2nd spray copper fungicide on all potatoes.
Thin out raspberry canes.
Plant out: lettuces, winter cabbages and leeks.
Apply lime to celery bed.
Sow outdoors: spring cabbage, late carrots.
Mulch all fruit trees and bushes against water loss.
Top dress peas with general fertiliser.
Pinch out the tips of climbing beans when they reach
the top of their supports.


Start planting autumn flowering bulbs such as
autumn flowering crocuses and nerines.
Regularly deadhead flowers in containers and
hanging baskets & apply a liquid feed.
Collect seed from annuals and take cuttings from
perennials that you want to grow next year.
Watch out for and treat blackspot and powdery
mildew on roses and clematis.
Cut lavender for drying.

June News

Dr. Keith Clapton came to the rescue when the June meeting of Plympton Gardeners was left without a speaker.
Pat Ward arrived to talk to the members about the Boconnoc Estate and Gardens but, unfortunately, she was taken ill after driving to Plympton.
The chairman invited Keith to give a talk on the cultivation of Sweet Peas and how to select blooms for showing, a subject on which he is very knowledgeable. He demonstrated this by winning the monthly flower competition for members with a vase of Sweet Peas.

Chris Bishop took the fruit and veg prize with some strawberries and the art prize went to Cynthia Crawford. A beautiful knitted cot blanket gave Maureen Styler the needlecraft award.

The Show Secretary reported that preparations for the Annual Show on August 18th are well advanced and that schedules will be available soon. Anyone interested in entering the show should contact Paul Hutchins on Ply 519504 or email to obtain a copy.

Plympton Gardeners will be running the community coffee bar at Harewood House during the week beginning 2nd July. They will be raising money for the Mustard Tree at Derriford Hospital. Members were asked to donate items, bake cakes and offer help with catering etc.

The next meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday 5th July at Harewood House at 7:30pm. The speaker, Jane hollow will be talking about Roses.

                                                                                            Jobs to do in June

Fruit & vegetables

Earth up potatoes.
Sow outdoors: late carrots.
Plant out: lettuce, marrows, melons, pumpkins, tomatoes & late runner beans.
Spray potatoes with copper fungicide to prevent blight.
Top dress onions with nitrate of soda.
Top dress all beans with fish, blood & bone.
Pinch out growing tips of marrows, melons and cucumbers.


Dahlias and other tender plants can be planted out when danger of frost is past

. Plant up containers and beds/borders with summer bedding

. Divide hostas & overcrowded clumps of spring bulbs.

Inspect lilies for Lily Beetle – remove & destroy.

Deadhead perennials and roses after flowering.                                                                                      

                                                               A new service for members from January 2014

Members who cannot get to the trading hut but wish to purchase garden supplies can now email Dave Wickstead (at  to place an order, which can then be collected at the next meeting.




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